Private Theater Experience

We went with some friends to the movies… It was really cool!

They rented out the theater (great prices, thanks to COVID #NotWorthIt #WearAMask #SilverLining), so was my family of four, their family of four, and another family of four that is friends of both our family and my friends family – so three families of four that are all friends.

We each had our own snacks, we chat our own seats, it was okay if the kids talked (though we didn’t encourage it, there was much less pressure than there normally would have been). And overall I’m thankful for our friends putting this together and inviting us. We’ve been invited to a similar viewing at least one other time during the bummer of a year known as 2020, and I actually think it was twice, but at least once for sure. And we declined. We were not 100% comfortable with it, plus had some other stuff going on; so we didn’t participate.

But this time we did, and I enjoyed it. I felt safe, the theater did a great job (thanks Cinemark Tinseltown in The Woodlands), and we all got to enjoy The Polar Express – which is just such a cool movie from a technology standpoint, even if I’m not in love with the acting. Plus an Aerosmith Christmas song!

Here I go again, not doing great search engine optimization or self-promotion. I should have put a link to the movie theaters Google My Business listing, a link to the Polar Express page on IMDb, and link to the official Aerosmith website, or a link to their single from some site that pays me an affiliate commission… But I didn’t do any of that, and it’s going to be okay.

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