Bad Face

I’m not a fan of my face. So, I’m biased. But I don’t think that anyone who’s seen me will argue too much – it’s not the best face.

For starters, my ears aren’t even. It messes up every pair of glasses I get. I’ll get glasses, and when I set them on a table they sit level. But after I’ve been wearing them for a while, one ear is higher than the other. They just slowly stretch out over time to adjust to my crooked face. If you look at me straight on it looks like my glasses are crooked, because they are. If I made them level though then they would only be touching one of my ears, and somehow floating above my other ear.

Secondly, I have gained about 50 lb in the last 10 years, and it’s all on my face. I exaggerate, some also went to my thighs and stomach… but a lot of it is in my face.

Thirdly, my hair is thinning, I have a receding hairline, and the back of my head is looking more like Friar Tuck everyday.

Fourthly, and lastly (I could go on, but this is getting depressing), I don’t shave enough. And I know that’s not necessarily a biological thing, but it is a “looks” thing that has to do with my face. Once, twice, maybe three times in a week. Three times in a week is good, I rarely shave three times in a week. I make lots of excuses, I’m too busy, my face is sensitive and it doesn’t feel good after, etc – which are both true, but are excuses. Usually I’m just too tired. Because of the face sensitivity, especially with wearing a mask during the day, I like to shave at night. And I like to take a shower after I shave. So, because I stay up too late I get too tired and just put it off until my face is itching from the hair growing out too much. Thus I shave but once or twice a week.

But an imperfect face is not the end of the world, and I have lots of worse qualities than that.

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