Posting Daily is Hard

Posting a blog, no matter how short, shallow, or lame every day is really tough for me.  I’m trying though.  See, I’m doing an experiment.  Right now I’m getting into the habit, and seeing if I can do it.  But I want to post something every day.  And then I’ll see how that affects site traffic, audience participation, and search results rankings.

Then I want to post something longer, deeper, and more meaningful once a week for a whole year, and see how those same metrics look.

Now, you might think, “Kyle, why not do the once a week experiment first?”, and that’s a great thought.  The answer is, because that’s even harder!  I am trying to not be paralyzed into inaction by an inability to complete something in the way I would like to.  So, I am trying to do things that have a “lower bar”, not because I want low quality, but because I want something achievable.

Anywho, I’m trying. If you’re reading this, thanks for participating in this experiment!

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