I am STILL Unpacking

I moved into this house almost two years ago. Until now one of the rooms, though designated as “my office”, has been a storeroom. Something with nowhere to go? Put it in the office! Unfinished project? Put it in the office! Dream you have to defer because of life right now? Put it in the office.

A lot of this stuff is mine, because I try to put my other family members first. A lot of this stuff is things I want to do or want to get to, but because wife how I want to do it I can’t do it yet.

But a friend of mine told me something really good last week:

People trade what they want for what they want right now.

Or something along those lines.

So, thank you Ryan for saying that to me, it’s what I needed to hear to stop deferring, stop postponing, and stop short selling myself. Thank you for being a good friend.

Okay, enough writing for today, I need to get back to unpacking and organizing!

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