It is cold!

I live just north of Houston, Texas, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and I very much enjoy warm weather. I would rather be 80 than 60, regardless of the humidity. But now it is actually freezing cold! Okay, well almost. At this exact moment my phone says it’s 51°, but when I woke up this morning it was about 34 degrees, which is close enough for me to say “it’s freezing cold outside”.

I have spent a significant amount of time up in Bellevue, Washington. At least there when it gets this cold it has the decency to snow, no such luck in Houston. Tonight it’s going to get down until the 40s, and it’s going to rain; so we’re just going to have cold miserable rain!

I eat soup you around, I drink hot chocolate year-round, I wear a hoodie year-round… If it doesn’t snow there are basically no benefits for me when it gets cold. I hope everybody who likes the cold weather is enjoying it enough to make it for how much I’m not.

P.S. – I wrote a post this morning, which did not save as a draft, and I’m very annoyed by it. I did not post yesterday, when I got home from Bible Study my head was killing me so I took a bath and went to bed without writing anything (I do most of my writing at night).

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