Marvel War of Heroes July 8 Update

Whew, busy week and big day today in the game.

Recap of PvP

Well, Surtur ended up being a bruiser defense card, in-fact, the the best bruiser defense card in the game looking at base stats (11,045 max, beating “[Going Nuclear] A-Bomb” by 63 points), with the same ability as A-Bomb and Ares.  He is a villain though, and there currently is not a villain combo for defense so people haven’t been clamoring for it.  But maybe there is a new combo coming OR we may see the opposite of “[Behind the Mask] Spider-Man“, a bruiser defense with a villain boost, sometime soon…  [Lord of Muspelheim] Surtur was earned by earning 1400 shards this event (so not considering previously acquired shards) or in the third shard processor.

Trophies didn’t do anything but look good.  One for participating in ten battles, another for having 120 abilities activate during battles, and a third for achieving rank ten (Tactical Agent).

News Items

My thoughts in italics.

Double Experience Campaign is Underway!

The experience players receive from missions is doubled until July 15th, 1:00 am (ET).
Please note that valor obtained during the next S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training, starting on July 10th, will be higher the higher your level is.  Level up during the campaign to succeed in S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training!

Awesome!  if you’ve been saving those Personal Energy Packs (PEP) then start using them once the event starts.  Watch your XP though, you want to level up while battling after using all your ATK or needing to recharge your DEF.
The valor change is great IMO, it targets all the alt accounts with high atk and good decks that people keep at low levels on purpose.  The main take-away though is this, you get less valor for fighting low-level players and more valor for fighting high-level players; which is how it should be!


Adaptors’ Maximum Level RaisedTactics Adaptor Bruiser Adaptor Speed Adaptor

Adapters can now be researched to Lv. 3!

A level three adapter is a 7% boost, in my opinion it should be at 9 or 10 percent (lvl 2 @ 6% & lvl 3 @ 9% OR lvl 2 at 7.5% and lvl 3 at 10%) – idk, that just makes sense to me, more than 5%+1%+1%.  This is definitely helpful with the new legendary defense wall ([World-Shaper] Scarlet Witch).


Prep for Upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. Enforcement Training

Advanced Training will begin July 10th at 7 am and conclude on July 16th at 1 am (Eastern Time).

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