Man of Science. God of Mischief. (MWoH)


Yesterday was the final day of the second run of the “Man of Science.  God of Mischief.”  mini-event in the Marvel:  War of Heroes.  To summarize you use a “scratch-off ticket” break Loki’s magic and are taken to an area where you diffuse bombs strapped to containers that are holding some of Mr. Fantastic’s work things.  Many of the screen shots are from the first time this event was available, but are still applicable – as the primary difference between the two runs are the addition of rules 7 and 8 and that instead of a ton of canisters up-front you just got 5 a day.

First Run
Event Period (ET):
  Sep. 17th 5:00 am – Sep 18th 5:00 am
Cosmic Canister Usage Deadline (ET):  Sep. 25th 5:00 am

Event Period (ET):
  Sept. 30th 5:00 am – Oct. 2nd 5:00 am
Cosmic Canister Usage Deadline (ET):  Oct. 7th 5:00 am

How to Play This Event
1.  Use a scratchcard.
2.  The scratchcard will reveal one of several ares in Loki’s magic space.
3.  You’ll enter that area.
4.  On one of the boxes, select a red of white wire to cut it.
5.  If the box opens safely, you’ll get some cosmic canisters.  If it explodes you’ll lose all the cosmic canisters you’ve recovered from this visit to Loki’s magic space.
6.  If you feel lucky, cut another wire.  You can continue cutting wires for as long as you like.  You can also quit at any time and keep any cosmic canisters you’ve recovered so far.
*  If you open all the boxes in the area safely, you’ll get one scratchcard as a reward.
7.  Any remaining scratchcards will disappear after the event ends.
8.  Leftover cosmic canisters will carryover to the next scratchcard event.

In this event you see plenty of Loki mouthing of, as one would hope from the trickster god.  Don’t let him get in you’re head!

Loki:  Want those cosmic canisters?  All you have to do is get them out of the boxes I’ve placed them in.  Sounds simple enough, no?  Of course not when you consider that I’ve failed to mention that each box is rigged to explode!  Cut the correct wire and you’ll get Richards’ cosmic canisters back.  Cut the wrong wire?  You’ll lose… everything!  Sounds fun?  Well, I certainly think so… although I may be a bit biased.  Hahaha!

You can trade in your canisters to raise mastery or get [Level Up] ISO-8.  Choosing to raise mastery does not, as I had hoped, increase the amount of mastery a card can have (similar to how Odin’s Decrees work for leveling) – what they do is increase the mastery level of a card by 1 for each canister used upto the maximum mastery level of that card.  The purpose of this design is to help us master cards in time for the raid tomorrow.  Instead of mastering card with canisters you can exchange them for lvl ups, at a rate of 2 to 1 (two canisters get you 1 level up, which (normally) raises a card level by 300 XP (three level)).

Alright let’s play.

top of screen

I hit “Use a Scratchcard”.

before scratch

I tap to” scratch-off” the card.

after scratch

Loki:  Decisions, decisions… which wire to cut?  It doesn’t matter.  You might as well blow yourself up now and get over it.


Cut a wire by tapping wither the white circle or the red circle for a specific canister.




Loki:  It can’t be!  You have the luck of my accursed brother, Thor! This time, anyway.


Here you can see how many canisters you have recovered (one or more) and can choose to either “Recover More Cosmic Canisters!” or “Stop Cutting Wires and Keep these Canisters”.

Let’s do some more.  You are taken back to the magic space, less the canister(s) you’ve opened.




Loki:  Oooh, that must’ve hurt.  All that hard work for nothing.  Sucks to be a mortal, doesn’t it?


Upon failure you must return to the event info and try again, now 90% of the canisters collected that round are lost, so you get to keep 1 if you earned any instead of losing them all like the first run of the mini-game.


If you choose to stop cutting before diffusing all six without a failure you are heckled a little by Loki, but get to keep all the canisters you found and can go again (as long as you have more scratchcards).


To exchange, go to the event info page and scroll down.


Raise Mastery
Mr. Fantastic:  As a show of my gratitude, I’ll raise the mastery on whatever card you pick by one for every cosmic canister you recover.


[Level Up] ISO-8
Invisible Woman:  Bring back cosmic canisters, get [Level Up] ISO-8s.  My way of saying thanks for helping my husband.


Here’s my tactic, cut white wires on the left three, cut red wires on the right three, stop while you’re ahead, it usually works out fine.  This event is a nice little interruption and makes maxing cards a breeze (I just get the level ups).

2 thoughts on “Man of Science. God of Mischief. (MWoH)

  • Just want to say this is pretty nice and the advice was awesome. I will defintley keep advice in mind about wires.

  • Cool Loki game. I found some more scratchcards to play, pretty nice feature.

    Loki is the best (and the same time the worst:) )


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