How Far Forward Would You Travel?

I have already stated my thoughts on time travel, and the impossibility of this posts premise, but hypotheticals are fun. Check out my A Theory on Time Travel post for more info on that.

What if you could travel into the future one time for a set number of years, and you could come back and affect the future

Let’s go over “the rules”:
1. You can pick any number of years to travel into the future.
2. You cannot bring anything back with you.
3. You cannot tell anyone you went to the future.
4. What you see in the future is the result everything happening as it would had you not traveled forward in time.
6. Upon returning to the present you can choose to utilize what you learned about the future any way you want.
7. Any action you take will have a ripple effect that can change the future you saw into something else.

The question I have is this: How far forward would you travel?

I would do twenty years. Jovi would be grown, I could see if I did a good job raising her or if I needed to do something differently. I would be able to see if Karah and I are living any differently. I would be able to see what happened on a national and global scale as well. I asked Karah, at first she said she wasn’t sure, somewhere between ten and twenty years. But we talked about it some.
See, any change you make may change things in ways you couldn’t imagine. What if there is another 9/11 type attack on the United States? You could stop it, you could warn the authorities, you’d know the exact date, people involved, and methods. You’d save the country from incredible strife, thousands of lives would be saved, and you’d be a hero. Now that the terrorist plot has been foiled they devise a new one, it’s worse than the last. By saving thousands you have motivated the terrorists to kill millions. This would be a “worst case scenario” type thing. What if I knew Jovi would get mixed up in some bad stuff? I know exactly what would happen, but if it is about what is in her heart, what she’s motivated to do, not just circumstances, there is nothing I could actually do to change things. Would seeing that Karah and I improved our economic status make me complacent, decreasing my motivation to excel, and thus not resulting in the expected improvement?

After Karah and I talked she decided I should go forward first for twenty years, and then after I settled on what changes to make she would go forward thirty to see how they turned out. Way to game the question, babe.

So, how far forward would you travel?

One thought on “How Far Forward Would You Travel?

  • Interesting concept and nicely layed out. I would have to give it a great deal of thought before giving a number.


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