Want to Buy a Phone?

Galaxy Nexus: $300 OBO
Awesome phone, a couple scratches though; comes with a charger.
This is a 4G phone. This is an Android phone.
Includes screen protectors and case/holster (holster is cracked, but works).










Here’s a description from Verizon’s website:
Android just became a little more human. Introducing the first smartphone built for Android 4.0 and optimized for Google+. With advanced new features that will revolutionize your digital life. Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Share smarter. Share faster. Share more.
What else makes an Android more human? Speed.
In real life, things happen in real time. With the speed and power of Verizon 4G LTE, now your virtual world is just as instant as your physical world. Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Share smarter. Share faster. Share more.
Sharing, Solved with Circles.
Treat your digital life more like your real life. With Google+ Circles, you can organize your contacts into circles, so you can share with them separately, so they only see what you want them to.
Sharing has gone sci–fi.
Introducing the first smartphone with Android Beam™. Get within an inch and you can share information from your phone just by beaming it. Swap contact info, share videos, play games, and more. It’s hand–to–hand sharing easier than a handshake.
Virtually Hang, Face to Face.
Virtually hang, face to face. Now the circles you run in can run into each other online. With Google+ Hangouts, you can get together over video with up to nine of your friends at once.
Share More Colorful Stories.
The human eye can see 1 million colors. It’s about time your smartphone kept up. With a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED™ screen, you’ll be able to see more than you ever have before. And its sleek, contoured design will feel like it was made for the palm of your hand. Because it was.

HTC Droid Eris: $50 OBO
Phone is in great condition and has screen protectors and a case; comes with a charger.
This is a 3G phone. This is an Android Phone.

BlackBerry Curve: $50 OBO
Phone has a touchpad (rather than rollerball), and is in good condition; comes with a charger.
This is a 3G phone.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip: $25 OBO
Cool little phone, BlackBerry’s only flip phone; comes with a charger.
This is a 3G phone.

Motorola Flip Phone: $5 OBO
Decent phone, a little scratched-up, but still works well; comes with a charger.

Covered Phone: $5 OBO
Phone is in good condition and has a nice case, BlackBerry of some sort; comes with a charger.
This is a 3G phone.

Certified BlackBerry: $5 OBO
Does not have a back, but is certified refurbished; comes with a charger.

2 4GB Micro SD Cards: $10
used, empty

Bluetooth Earpieces: $4 OBO
Four used, but working, Motorola brand Bluetooth earpieces.

BlackBerry Case: $5 OBO
Fits the curve and many other models.

Motorola Charger: $1 OBO
Regular Motorola brand charger.

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