Why are Stupid People so Loud?

               I was driving through Tomball yesterday, and on the side of the road was a group of people with several tents in a parking lot.  By their signs I could see they were with the Tomball Tea Party.  On the other side of an entryway to the parking lot were a few other tents and some people protesting the Tea Partiers, all their signs addressed racial and immigration issues.

                I was able to listen for a minute while stopped at the light and gathered that the Tea Partiers were addressing immigration and their opposition was calling them racists.  I picked-up Berkeley and came back and parked in the lot where the gathering was.  I listened for about ten minutes, that is how long I could stay and put-up with the incompetence and hate expressed by both groups.

               The Tea Partiers made the case that if you are on unemployment you do not pay taxes; which is not true, you just don’t pay income tax, you still pay sales tax every time you purchase an item.  They were quickly responded to with “No, stupid old man…”.  They then went back-and-forth yelling at each other with megaphones and a speaker system, Anti-Tea Partiers calling the Tea Partiers “racists” (even though I could plainly see more than one ethnicity), and the Tea Partiers just spent the whole time saying they were not racists.

                The Tea Partiers were either unable or unwilling to effectively make a political case, and the Anti-Tea Partiers were unable or unwilling to address any issue of substance. 

                I just wish that people with opposing views could have an intelligent conversation and address a singular set of issues without letting emotions hijack the conversation.  I understand many of these issues are emotional, but you can still have a logical conversation that involves ones emotions.

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