Weston’s Bachelor Party

Karah (my wife) and I just got back form picking Weston (my brother) and Meagan (his new wife) from their honeymoon.  They got married last weekend, May 29; I was the best man.  The weekend before we had Weston’s bachelor party.  Weston, I, and six other guys spent the weekend in New Braunfels, tubing, eating, and hangin’ out.  We rented a duplex just down the street from Texas Tubes, on the Comal.  On the second night we are at Salt Lick, a family style all-you-can-eat BBQ restraint where you can bring your own drinks (they only accept cash).  While tubing we got a little bit of attention for tubing in a chain, doing different orders, figuring out how to go the fastest, timing, etc.  Some of us got banged-up a little, but it was all fun.  I have to say, getting a stand-alone place to stay was awesome, so much better than a hotel.

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