Want a Clone?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  I do sometimes, sometimes that’s all I feel.  There is so much I want to get done.  I do commit myself to a lot of things, but I’ve cut that back.  It is more that I want to accomplish a lot of things myself, not for someone else, but there are just a lot of things I want to do.  Since I was eighteen I have averaged between five and six hours of sleep a night on weekdays just so I could get stuff done, but having a four month old makes me much less productive.  I want to spend time with her, and I have to work my from 8 – 5, and I want to blog, and I want to learn new things, and I want to read, and I want to watch TV with Karah, and I want to get out of the house with other people, and so on and so forth.

I have found list making to be helpful, I prioritize what I need to get done and write it down.  Using real paper is so much easier than a phone too.  It is just easier to write on something physical with a pen than on a screen with my finger, I guess I could buy a stylus.  I do use Evernote on my phone once I get things organized so I can keep it with me, but I have yet to find a good mobile app for brainstorming and planning things (so many of them are just apps where you can enter in a plan, but other no assistance with formulating a plan).

I am not an advocate of cloning, but we (both of me) would definitely get more done.  But then we get into a situation like Doug Kinney (Michael Keaton) in Multiplicity.  I have thought about a personal assistant for providing some help with a lot of the web related stuff that I do, but I like not having to pay someone for something I am capable of doing myself.

I’m my own worst enemy, because I heap stuff on my own plate.

How do you stay organized, focused, and motivated?  How do you keep from being overwhelmed?

One thought on “Want a Clone?

  • I know your pain. Being pulled from so many directions. I hate writing out lists though. I do attempt to keep mental ones but as I get older I am using a notepad on my phone.


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