Top Ten Foods

The actual list name is “Top Ten Food Dishes I Could Not Live Without”, but as much as I love food I can go without most things.  So instead here’s a less melodramatic list (in no particular order):

Pizza – I love pizza, I mostly eat Papa Murphy’s and Grimaldi’s right now.  Plain cheese is okay, but anything with lots of meat is better!

Steak – I am not too picky, but I usually go for a New York Strip cooked medium or medium-rare.

Cereal – I love cereal, I used to eat a whole box at a time (and by “used to” I mean last Thursday).  I don’t really eat chocolate cereal, but my favorites are Honey Smacks, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Crunch Berries, and Cheerios (with extra honey).

Fried Rice – Chicken fried rice or beef fried rice from a Chinese food establishment is usually a safe bet.  That’s not all I’m including here though, Genghis Grill is fantastic; and I always get a fried race option there.

Brownies – Dessert is food, and a good brownie is impossible to beat.  Hot with ice cream, room temp without anything else, chopped up and mixed into something else… however you serve them (as long as it is cooked right) I will eat them.

Burritos – Freebirds is my go-to burrito joint.  I usually get a Freebird with 1/2 Spanish rice, refried beans, double steak or white meat chicken (depending on how I’m feeling that day), queso, mixed cheese, and a little bit of lettuce.  I ate that twice last week!

Tacos – Not to brag, but I make some pretty good tacos with ground turkey.

Nachos – You may have noticed a theme happening here…  I like it when nachos are prepared with toppings portioned onto the chip, but when I make them myself I am waaay to lazy to that, so i just have a pile of chips with cheese, beans, and meat on my plate.  Sometimes we make a “nacho bake”, which means making nachos on a baking sheet, baking them at a low heat for about ten minutes to melt it all together, and then pulling then apart as you eat them family style.

Cheese Crisp – People here (Texas… Earth…) don’t know what these things are, it is a baked tortilla with cheese on it.  I’m not a complicated man.

Pot Stickers – Also called fried dumplings, or called by their actual name in Chinese, but I don’t know that name…

What’s your favorite food?

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