A Terrible Drawing of “Angel Wings”

I cannot draw.  I failed art in high school, that’s not hyperbole; I took an art class and received a grade of “F”.  That being said, I’m doing these 100 days of posts with the goals of (1) posting consistently, (2) stimulating creativity, and (3) challenging myself – one of the books I bought to help me with ideas is about drawing, so you’re going to see some terrible artwork from me over the next three months.

Here is an angel’s wing with feathers.

Why feathers?  Lots of people put feathers on angel wings.  Do all angels have wings? No (or they can hide them, ala Castiel in Supernatural), but the only things with wings that people knew about for a long time were birds, and bird wings have feathers.

One thing I’d do in art class was try to be as creative as possible with my work, not to increase quality, but to get a few bonus points here and there with the teacher for thinking outside the box.  So for this wing I did swirls inside and then blurred (smeared) the pencil with my finger.  I call it “Fuzzy Wing”.

At this point you may realize that my wings as really just poorly disguised halves of a heart.

My greatest failure with this one though is trying to draw some wings that sounded really cool in my head, by just isn’t on paper.  I went for something like an angel flying fast, maybe diving, so the wings are out, but not extended, raised along the angel’s back.

Yeah, that looks like it’s supposed to be a mountain, but the artist couldn’t even draw a lumpy mass well.

Quickie #2

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