Thoughts on Being a Dad

Jovi is two months old today.  So far, so good.  It is rough sometimes.  As I type this she is fighting sleep and crying; so obviously I’m an amazing father and can give anybody and everybody advice. Ha!  This post is kind of rambly, it’s just thoughts put down, and not that organized.

I like being a dad.  My friend asked me if I felt like a dada before Jovi was born.  I told him yes.  Having a baby is different of course, but I knew I would have to be responsible, I’d get less sleep (kind of, I have sleep issues, and Jovi isn’t usually real bad), and have less “free-time”.  There is some added expense too.  No formula yet (breastfeeding), but there are diapers, wipes, clothes, and other items.

We started buying diapers and wipes as soon as we knew Karah was pregnant.  We bought a box or two of one-or-the-other each month, sometimes two.  Family and friends bought us a ton of clothes too, for which we are very grateful.  But you still got to buy things.

It took about four and half weeks, four boxes of diapers, for Jovi to move from NB to size 1.

Karah is better at changing a diaper than me.  I change them, but Karah thinks I use too many wipes.

It is such a joy to see Jovi’s face (I like it better when she’s smiling).  And holding her, I want to squeeze her, but I don’t, that would hurt her.  Usually I start taking pictures or filming if I’m holding/watching her and she’s not crying.  Sometimes Karah finds herself still bouncing even after putting Jovi down.  I’ve done that once or twice too.

Sorry, nothing really profound here, I just felt like I should post something related to fatherhood since that’s my life now.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Being a Dad

  • You will need at least ONE big box that you get at Toysrus/Costco/BJs. We ndeeed one more b/c hubby did all the diaper changing and sometimes he would get peed/pooped on multiple times during a change. My son actually stayed in size 1 the shortest time.

  • Enjoy them while they are young, they don’t run from you when you want to hug and kiss on them then. 🙂 You can never use too many wipes and I have a doctorite in diaper changing.


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