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Until recently I did not have insurance, and before then I was not a huge fan of doctors (no offense, I don’t like spending money if I think I can fix it myself).  My mom (Kim Souza) usually calls me “Doctor Kyle” when I explain one of my remedies.  This remedy is about how to get rid of a stye.

What is a stye?  It is an infection of the secretion glands in your eyelid, and can look like a pimple on your eye or the interior of your eyelid (top or bottom part).

So here are a few basic rules:

1.  Don’t pop it.  This can lead to much worse eye infections.  Don’t touch it, or even rub your eyes.

2.  Keep your contact lenses out until it is gone, and not coming back.

3.  Don’t wear eye make-up (liner, lotion, etc.) until it is gone, and not coming back.

One trick, since I do wear contacts, is to either switch to glasses, or just wear one contact since normally only one eye is affected at a time (this can cause headaches and your vision is still diminished).  I do not wear eye makeup (or any other makeup), so I don’t have to worry about that.

This is how I myself treat them in my eyes, and it works.  It usually takes three to five days till my eye is all clear and I feel comfortable resuming normal eye-tivities.

1.  Two drops of colloidal silver in your eye three to four times a day (I usually do this when I wake up, when I break for lunch, when I get off work, when I go to bed).  I’m not a crazy natural health person, I used to be really against this type of thing, but in this scenario it works.

2.  When convenient and comfortable, gently apply a hot compress.  This is my least favorite part; you need to keep your eye closed the whole time, and keep the warm (not scalding, not room temperature) compress on your eye for 10-20 minutes at a time.  I do this at most once a day (I just don’t like it).

3.  Use eye drops.  In between colloidal silver drops, use regular eye wash to keep your eye moist and clean (wait at least an hour after the colloidal silver drops before using other types of drops).

And that is it.  The stye will clear-up in 24 – 72 hours.  I like to wait a day or two without treatment to let it finish healing and make sure it is really gone.  Nice and simple right?  You can mail me your copay.

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  • These remedies are very beneficial. You can use eye drop for stye eys. It provides relief property which helps to clear and feel comfortable resuming normal eye tivities and it also provides relief from the redness of irritation.


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