Storage Unit Murderer

Air Date:  September 2, 2017

Description:  When the lights turn off, I’ve only got one thought in my mind…

I’ve been around storage unit almost my whole life. I have one. My mom has had anywhere from one to eight… I’ve got a couple grandparents that are hoarders.  And when you go into storage facilities, the way the lights turn on is they have this dial that you turn, and it lasts anywhere from ten to sixty minutes.  And, when the timer runs out the lights go off, you have no warning for it.  And now, at almost thirty, I have the same thought that I did when I was thirteen, had the same thought as… I did as when I was three.  It wasn’t “Oh, I need to go turn the timer so that the lights stay on longer.” It was “Welp, it’s been a good life. I’m about to get murdered. Seen this movie, and I know how it ends.”


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