Gotham by Gaslight

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Gotham by Gaslight CoverTo enter to win the copy of Gotham by Gaslight I display in the video: ¬†subscribe to this blog and comment on this blog post. The winner will be announced in about one month when I post another “Comic Book Review” and do another giveaway (there may be other videos, even other Comic Book Review videos, without an announcement, but there is only one each month with a giveaway).

This book is awesome. Let’s start with the cover, that is the coolest Batsuit ever, and you get to see more of it on the inside too! I love how the lighting makes it look like a face on his chest. Okay, maybe now would be a good time to discuss what the book is about. Set in 1889 we see a very complex story played out in only forty-six pages. My hat’s off to Brian Augustyn, Michael Mignola, P. Craig Russell, David Hornung, John Workman, Mark Waid, and Robert Bloch.

gaslight excerptBruce Wayne has been abroad for the last five years studying human nature and honing his skills as a detective with Sigmund Frued and Scotland Yard, possibly even Sherlock Holmes. Bruce returns home to don the cape and cowl, at the same time as Jack the Ripper comes to Gotham and begins to kill women as he had in England. There is a fun nod to the Joker when Bruce visits James Gordon, but he is not the point of this story. Bruce plays the socialite while Batman stalks the night… as does Jack the Ripper. Bruce is framed for the murders and tried in court. Throughout the book we see some really cool newspaper headlines. Unlike our history books would lead us to believe Bruce deduced the identity of Jack the Ripper and must face him. There is one awesome fight scene when a robbery is stopped. And no review of this story would be complete without complimenting the use of accents in the book, it is everything that we in modern times think people back then talked like. The story, although not labeled as such, plays very much as an Elseworlds one-shot, meaning, it is not part of the standard Batman story (like an alternate universe type thing) and is complete between the covers without tie-ins to or from other stories.
You can read all the details on the DC Wikia: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Batman:_Gotham_by_Gaslight

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6 thoughts on “Gotham by Gaslight

  • I have tried to read this so many times but someone always buys it off me before I get the chance. I knew it was the ‘definitive’ Elseworld’s book but that was it, plus that Batman does look awesome.

  • I thought it was actually labeled an Elseworlds title. Or maybe it was printed in the time between the Imaginary Stories and the Elseworlds books. Either way, I still need a copy for my Elseworlds collection. What’s not to like? Batman VS Jack the Ripper!

    • I wish I had enough copies to send to everybody, but alas there is only one winner… AND IT IS YOU!!!!

      Using the random number generator from http://www.random.org #2 was chosen as the winner, and you were the second to comment on the page.

      Please email your mailing address to TheTalkingGeek@outlook.com (new e-mail address coming soon, but for now this will suffice).

      Thank you everyone for spending some time on this post!

      • Holy crap! That’s seriously shocking.

  • Read it once before and it was great, would love to own it


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