Free Star Wars Comic Books

Okay, the title really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but there’s more to it than just that half a sentence.

Those who know me know I love Star Wars (I’ve already talked about it a couple times on here, namely this time and this other time; February is also a special month for me – My family was REALLY into Groundhog Day growing up.  So I am meshing them together by giving away free Star Wars stuff this February.  Here’s a three-minute video congratulating last month’s winner on a copy of Gotham by Gaslight and an explanation of this month’s contests and prizes.

Star Wars #1Contest 1:  Share a link to any page from this blog (www.TheTalkingGeek.com) on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn and tag it with #TTGfeb (caps don’t matter, so go ahead and rock #ttgFEB, #TTGFEB, #ttgfeb, #TtGfEb… I think you get the idea). That’s it, that’s all you have to do. Each share/tag is an entry into the contest.  At the end of the contest I will go to each of those sites and make a list of every entry, randomize them and use Random.org to pick a random two names.  Star Wars #2You read that right, no typo there, TWO.  “But what do I win?” you ask.  Did you even read the page title? YOU GET STAR WARS COMICS!!!!  The first name drawn will get the new Marvel Star Wars #1 & Star Wars #2 and the second name drawn will win a copy of Star Wars #1 (first prints all around).  Pretty easy, you don’t even have to pay shipping! Winner will be contacted on a social media site they used to enter the contest (you could use all of them to enter – go ahead, try it, I dare you) as well as announced on this site just like the winner last month.

Contest 2: Okay, for this one you’d have to have watched the video to know the prize, because it isn’t a free Star Wars comic book – It’s a free Star Wars Lego set. This Imperial Shuttle:

Lego 30246


It may be small, but it is fun and free – the good “F -words”.  To win this one comment on the YouTube video about this contest (also embedded above) with something you love about Star Wars.  A random winner will be chosen and announced in next month’s contest video and blog post.

Thank you Marvel and Brickpedia for the images.

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