Blog Relaunch

Man, this summer has been crazy.  A move, sick, death in the family, changes at work, the list goes on – but that’s life right?  We all have to deal with it, and sometimes it sucks, but usually it doesn’t; and even when we’re busy it is a good busy.

All that to say, I’ve had a bit of a gap in my posts.  For the few that do read this, I apologize; and for those who are interested, I’m doing fine.

I have high hopes for this blog now.

I am standardizing some things, one contest/giveaway a month (see how to participate in the current giveaway), two blog posts a week (one being a review of something, and one not); I’ve updated the look of the site (including a much better mobile version)(thank you ThemeGrill for the awesome template options), gotten a new logo, and unified my presentation on various social media channels (namely Facebook, Google+, & YouTube, but not Twitter – I’m on Twitter, but not unified on Twitter; Why?  Because I’m a rebel!).

Feel free to leave constructive feedback such as “Great new look!” or even something less positive, but aimed at being helpful (Hint: If it uses the word “sucks” or anything stronger IT ISN’T CONSTRUCTIVE ← Also, all caps is not constructive.).  Thanks for the great feedback that will assist in improving the site for anyone and everyone viewing it without resorting to a personal attack or baseless remarks that do not progress towards any solution 😉

Anywho, I’m digging the new look, and I hope you do too.  A special thank you to those in my personal circles whom I asked for assistance in picking a new look, you lot were quite helpful!

P.S. – I didn’t just randomly plug-in “High Hopes” music, the chorus of the top clip came to mind while writing; at the same time so did this Pink Floyd song (I’m a Floyd fan). #EnjoyTheMelancholy

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