A Few Twitter Related Things


If you follow me on Twitter, thank you, if you don’t I forgive you.  If you’re a friend on Facebook you do see most of my tweets, but not anything directed at somebody else, also-known-as a Reply (tweets beginning with an “@”) or retweets.

I don’t have a schedule or use extra software for it other than the Twitter app on my phone and on my TV (powered by Google TV), and it is just the normal one from Twitter Inc..  The purpose of my tweets is to disseminate information, either news stories, what’s going on in my life, or something that I think of (usually a joke of some sort).

I get a lot of the news items from Time Magazine, BBC, MSNBC, or News Republic.  All my jokes are original; if I do quote someone I give them attribution.  And not that what’s going on in my day is incredibly important, but there’s a few things that I figure some people wouldn’t mind hearing about (like if in I’m in a car accident).

Usually I think of several different things to post at one time and then just post one and save the rest.  I try to wait at least thirty minutes in-between posts.

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