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Hello and welcome to what’s up in the woodlands it is a new year 2020 it is 2020 and I’m your host to Kyle Souza trying to revamp this podcast it’s not New Year’s resolution just something that I really want to make happen this year and hopefully I can stick to my Sunday release schedule.
I want new episodes to come out every Sunday to tell you what’s happening for the rest of the week. I do have some backlog of episodes covering July through December that I hope to be releasing soon. My blog is the talkinggeek.com and this episode is brought to you in part by my sponsor PPOGS or PMP oil and gas solutions to our website is PPOGS.com also going to give a shout out to Karah Souza photography look them up on Facebook, yes, you’ll notice that the last names are the same that is because we are related in fact it is my wife’s photography business, but she’s actually pretty good at what she does so you know, check it out check out Kara Souza photography on Facebook for more information.
All right, let’s get talking about January. I’m gonna try just a looser format than what I was aiming for before you may think wow before was pretty loose how you’re gonna get even looser well. I’m not gonna focus so much on the dates it’s about the things that I’ve learned in the last week about what’s coming up what has happened what is happening what will happen so just because this is the episode being released the first Sunday of January doesn’t mean it’s only about things happening in the next week, it’s about everything I’ve learned about happening and there will be duplication between episodes please give me some feedback leaving a rating leave me a review set.
Me a message go post on my blog, but talking geek calm and let me know what you think about this podcast. I’m about the format for it. Right now we’ve got a big problem in the woodlands being feral hogs wild pigs our problem they’ve been talking about it it’s been in the news around here quite a bit some people that are not in yeah the town center area of the woodlands, you know, not by the mall that are a little bit further back really have an issue there or on the golf courses and everything else it can be a problem and I love wild animals people love seeing the deer here in the woodlands.
I don’t want to cut down trees they were here first all those good things pigs taste good. Got some bacon this morning for breakfast, of course, it wasn’t a feral hog but um. You know, it’s something that needs to be handled carefully we can’t just go wipe them out or we shouldn’t just go wipe them out.
I guess we could as humans with firearms we can do that but I don’t think that we should we need to approach this cautiously intelligently and with the proper respect that this topic deserves people should get to live in peace the animals should also get to live in peace we need to find a solution that allows both parties and yes, I understand them treat.
The pigs very well here. I’m not putting them on equal playing with humans but I do think they need to be treated right because as stewards of the earth humanity shouldn’t just enforce its will with disregard for other non-human life, that’s not a intelligent way to do things in my opinion.
Conroe ISD has a mentor program called project mentor it is matching up adults with students to act as a consistent mentor in their life, they are in need of mentors especially mail mentors, it can be really hard to place a trustworthy adult male with a high school student or middle school student.
The program starts in fifth grade and goes up from there and it can be really hard to find people that are qualified that are willing that are able and the qualifications are pretty minimal basically you just gotta be a safe person to be around. That that’s the main qualification and that that part’s not necessarily hard but finding those people that are said to be around that are also willing to do it have the time to do it because it is time commitment and that’s that’s tough to do but I would encourage anyone who’s looking to make an impact on a young person’s life to get in contact with Conor ISD and check out project mentor.
Here in the Woodlands, we have lots of events at the beginning of the year, we have the big four events, these are events that draw people in from all around the area Houston to Conroe and whatnot and that is the inspire film festival the Woodlands Marathon the waterway arts festival and the memorial Hermann Ironman, Texas, all right the Iron Man Texas, I believe is the biggest of those the inspire film festival believe happens first here in January.
I’ll get the date on that shortly. But it is a really cool event the arts festival fantastic event marathon if you’re into those things it’s cool. I’m not a marathon running myself. I’m not an Ironman but I’m not artist any other but I like looking at it right and I can’t make movies but I can watch them so check out those for events, they’re a big deal and getting their dates is important because you if you want to avoid people in traffic then you want to stay away from the waterway at those times check out the villager.
Community impact I think even at like HEB and Randalls and Kroger whatnot, they will have maps of the iron man and the marathon so that you know, what roads will be closed or impacted and at what times when those events are happening. And I will do my best to fill you in here, all right the inspire fun festival is actually February it is February 13th through 17th, you can visit inspire filmfest.com for more information passes start at $50 and go up from there from what I’m seeing here.
The Woodlands marathon happens, also in February on February 29th because it’s a leap year starts off there’s also a 5k. There’s also a 2k so you got a 5k 2k in a marathon all happening on February 29th next the waterway arts festival happens on April fourth and fifth all right, so that’s going on that one’s really cool and then we have the Ironman Texas which is April 25th, so you can check that out to.
And then looking way down the line at wine and food week in June the first week of June the first through the seventh sponsored by HEB the wine of food festival happens at a lot of places a lot of it’s at market street and town center and whatnot, so check check those out.
Interfaith of the Woodlands has a lot of senior events going on at the community center over by the library. So I’d say check those out. I won’t run through all of them but there’s a lot of lot of great events from Domino’s and learning Spanish to computer classes to dancing and just just fun stuff and being around their support groups there’s there’s a lot going on there, so check that out a good phone number.
Excuse me a good phone number if you’re interested in any of the Woodlands senior services is two eight one, three, six, seven, one, two, three zero, all right. Oh yeah one more big event to note is the woodlands pride the day, which will happen in late. September official date, tbd to be determined.
All right a few calendar items to look at and specific on January 1st the Woodlands Township offices were closed. Shenandoah’s offices were closed in Oak. Ridge North offices were closed. January 4th was the Woodlands farmers market in village of Grogan’s Mill check that out that happens every Saturday. Starting at 8 am and closes at noon if you’re interested in a local farmers market check them out, it’s off of Grogan’s Mill intersection of that and South Millbend.
Drive cool place, all right coming up on January. 8th is the Shenandoah city council meeting. This is a regularly scheduled meeting starting at 7pm on Wednesday January 8th if you are in Shenandoah check it out, like if you’re if you’re a resident there, that’s what I mean, okay, or if you do business there, you know, it’s important to be involved, all right?
January 11th is another Woodlands farmers market, like I said, it’s every Saturday January 14th. Bell is the league of women voters monthly meeting you could check that out at the Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church, that is League of Women Voters. Monthly. Meeting also happens to be my sister’s birthday so happy birthday Courtney January 15th Woodlands Township Incorporation planning meeting.
So this is Wednesday January 15th at 6pm the Woodlands. Incorporation is a big deal. It’s something that we’ve been talking about for like two years now and it’s about the woodlands incorporating from. My township into a city. The full agenda will be will be available starting January 12th on the Woodlands Township website, and if you are interested in the future of the Woodlands, this is a good place to be it will take a couple hours.
But it’ll talk about law enforcement and finances and all sorts of things that are about the Woodlands becoming its own city. Another farmer’s market on January 8th. I’m sorry 18th not 8th 18th, January 22nd. Shannon. Dilla City. Council meeting will be happening. Now, just a regularly scheduled meeting. And then another farmer’s market on the 25th and then January 30th is the Woodlands.
Green meeting. They’ll be happening at 7pm. Thursday January 30th at the offices of the of Hark the Houston Advanced Research Center, which is on Gosling Road. And it’s about the Gallatin Bay report card all about the environment it’s very science focused ecosystems that kind of thing there will be brownies for those in attendance.
Pretty cool, man. I am coughing some today. Sorry listeners, all right? February 7th preserving old media with the libraries preservation pad, so that’s pretty cool so this is about transferring pictures VHS etc to digital media. It will be at. In Montgomery at the 202 Bessie Price Owen Drive CB Stuart Library, that’s what is at the CB Stuart Library on Betsy Price Owen Drive in Montgomery starting at 11:00 am on February.
7th transferring physical older media to newer digital media, very cool. February 12th golden needles quilt guild if you’re into quilting and gilding check it out. Just joking it’s not about gilding it’s just about the quilting that’s a different skill. It starts at 6:30 meeting is at 7:00 though, so just social stuff for half an hour beforehand.
That’s at the candy cane park activity center off of I-45 February 14th, I think is Valentine’s Day if I remember correctly it is also the lift event for widows and widower yep it is an outside stay starts at 11:30 am and enjoy a fun day a fellowship lunch in wine tasting with and bingo at the burnt heart winery, the event is open for any widow or wood or for more information, you should contact them at the burn heart winery.
I won’t get too much into the details for the privacy of everybody involved, but there are some. High schoolers in the woodlands that signed with division one programs basically they’re going to continue to play football, they’re pretty good in high school they’re looking at playing in college who knows what happens after that and that that’s pretty cool that they’re getting, you know college paid for at least in part.
Now they’re using a skill that they have. I hope it’s something they enjoy. Best of luck to them. Looking a little bit further south at houston the Grand 1894 upper house celebrates its 125th season. I thought that was pretty cool and worth mentioning there is a book festival on February 1st at the Jersey Village High School called Bookworm focused on young readers and if you’re already thinking about summer plans here at the Woodlands Mall on Sunday February 9th from noon to 5pm is a camp fair, it’s the 2020 camp fair again that’s noon to 5pm on February 9th, which is a Sunday at.
The Woodlands Mall and it is about all the things that kids can do during the summer, so check them out there’s going to be lots of great vendors there. I think it’ll be really cool. All right, that’s all I’ve got for this episode you’ve put up with me long enough, my name is Kyle Souza this has been what’s up in the woodlands my blog is the talking calm, please let me know what you think if you think anything of this stuff that I was saying enjoy your day.

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