What’s Up In The Woodlands: August 2019 Retrospective

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Welcome to What's Up in the Woodlands I'm your host Kyle Souza my blog is talking geek.com this episode is brought to you by branching co reinventing Realty 1.5 percent Commission rate instead the regular 3 percent and still delivering high quality service to homes focused on the Woodlands Texas, but also Shenandoah and what not on the surrounding area are definitely welcome to reach out to them as they show sponsor, thank you branch and co and then also PMP oil and gas solutions if you're in need of any upstream back office, you know land,Accounting GIS etc help check out PPOGS.com, okay, this is a retrospective episode on August 2019 my last retrospective episode was a little long so I'm gonna try to keep this one shorter last one was about 15 minutes we're gonna have that max out but hopefully less than that.
All right back in August of 2019 was the 40 year reunion for McCullough high school McCulloch was the first high school in the woodlands the wilderness being found in 1974. 1979 was the first graduating class for McCulloch and so they had their 40 year reunion. I just think that is pretty cool we also had the Raiders of the Lost Ark in concert back on August 29th, that is part of the pavilion series of just free concerts where we also get things like the Holly Jolly Jingle and hoax.
Pops.Cetera they do some other really cool concerts and rarest lost arc fun stuff to have live music with movie scenes like that, it's really cool.I'm glad to live in a community that that does fun stuff like that and that's a great way to introduce kids to musical arts back in August was a big debate regarding the Woodlands pride festival which happens at town green park and September it's happening again in 2020 and they had requested some fees be waived and they were not waived and I think that's the right decision. 
I think that when people use the park those fees shouldn't be waived. I think it's great that they're having that festival there.If it's something that the community wants to happen it will be happening and it has gotten bigger each time it's been held so obviously it's something that people are interested in and by do think that we have fees in place for the use of our public spaces to help maintain them and keep them and everything and I have not been to the woodlands Pride festival but I have been to other professors where things have gotten, you know, just messy just anytime there's a group of people there's trash there's things like this and so these fees justHelp maintain the area and I love town green park right there on the waterway nice space my mom came and visited from Bellevue Washington and you know, we just spent some time walking around on the waterway and town green park and everything and I used to walk my dog there every day when I lived on the waterway.
And fantastic space right by the library great location and everything and so I know that decision was debated. I know not everybody's happy about the decision. I'm you know, never happy to spend money. I can't say I'm never happy but usually I prefer not to spend money than to spend money and so I understand the event organizers wanting to save that $4,500 for the fees, but it is important that we maintain these public spaces for you so we can have more great events like that and and so I do think that was the right decision even ifIt was a hard decision for some people.
Back in August at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center was the rubber duck race, all right, the annual duck race is held at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center in August and it looks it's pretty fun it's just cool little thing.Lots of football happened in August 2019.I'm not gonna comment on it cuz I'm not big on football, sorry my apologies to everyone who is but also by this point in January 2020. 
August 2019 footballs old news, but congratulations to everyone who won and better look next time for those who didn't.Another issue that came to the forefront in August of 2019 was the congestion and number of car accidents on 1488 1488 on the north side of the woodlands it has become much more popular road. 
I know I go up there for the adventure begins to shout out to them, you know a decent bit yeah enough to be on the road and and I want everybody to be safe everywhere but text dot the Texas Department of Transportation has noted how much.Traffic has increased in that area and with more cars on the road comes more car accidents on the road and so that issue is being addressed. 
I received several notices in the last half of last year probably beginning around August regarding the recycling here in the woodlands, we do have curbside recycle pickup do not bag these only put specified items in there, please follow the instructions there's a lot of controversy regarding this type of recycling whether or not it's actually worth it.
But the fact is it is there if anything not having in the trash means that you don't need an extra trash can if maybe you got a family like mine family of four we can fill up that trash can in a week and so you can get the pink tags for extra bags you can get another can if you want to or you could recycle some stuff so but there are there are rules to it, so please follow those instructions if you're confused on what the instructions are they're on the lid of the recycle bin.
Doggotopia learned about that in August of last year, but it did actually open in June on 1488, are they why there's so much traffic no but it's another cool thing on 1488.Doggotopia is a dog training facility just to be clear.School began back, so lots of school news happening in August.
You know, there there's lots of stuff going on though where we had local elections we had budget workshops we had I guess more September but the first responders and 9/11 concert with the the heroes themed concert at the Pavilion but there's lots of lots of cool stuff to check out in and around the woodlands the libraries always have awesome stuff going on.
The construction for two lakes edge began that is a large apartment building at Hughes. Landing eight story apartment building huge landing more premium, multi-family living space in what I like to call the heart of the woodlands but I mean town center he was landing they're all very close to each other.
I've talked about how I lived on the waterway at the Millennium Department before.If you're looking for an apartment, hey, maybe that's a good one.Little bit of a hub of going on in Oak Ridge North last August when they dismissed the city manager and had to name an interim replacement but you know, this is local politics and local politics are important to listen to it's it's very easy to just focus on the national scene, but really politics start local they affect local you're city or township politics will affect you a whole lot more.
On a day-to-day basis than the federal politics do just because they move so much quicker and all government moves slow generally but the federal government moves a lot slower than local government and while the federal impact maybe greater for any one decision your local government makes a lot of decisions that impact you so just want to advocate that you go to the council meetings look at the tax increases or decreases and participate as a citizen.
Entergy had lots of problem last year, the Shenandoah city council was very concerned. I was concerned though. I had a lot of power to power outages and 2019 compared to any year prior and we also had the whole water issue upon research forest with those bursting. I think there were a total of seven pipes that the San Jacinto water authority had put in that had significant problems and so that that all had to be sorted out.
To a shaving grace that's the barbershop that I use up in the woodlands mall, they have a featured spot in the community impact from August of last year actually and they get a haircut so I need need to get back there. I was introduced to the shaving grace or a shaving grace by my cousin at their greens point location, and I have enjoyed multiple haircuts since they moved into the woodlands mall. 
I don't get a whole lot of haircuts like to maybe three year, but that is my preferred venue for haircuts at this.Shout out to a shaving grace and that's all in this episode right near the 10 minute mark again on Kyle Souza this has been what's up in the woodlands my blog is the talking geek calm shout outs to my sponsors branch and co for real estate check out branch and code com if you're looking to buy or sell home and if you're oil and gas it might need some help check out PPOGS.com and see what they have to offer.
I hope you have a blessed day.

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