We’re Coming to the Restart

I am ready to get back to blogging.

It’s been hard to get motivated during the last several months; there’s a lot that I’d like to have on here, but I always found a reason not to work on it.  But now I’m ready.  I have made some small changes, and some big changes, some of these I’ll cover in future posts, others I won’t.  I’ll be doing at least one contest a month (been working on making those better) and I will start sending out a weekly newsletter next Tuesday (you can sign-up here).  If you have any feedback on or questions about the site, a specific post, one of my affiliate products, or the newsletter please get in contact with me by commenting somewhere relevant or through one of my social media channels (links at the top and bottom of the site).

If you know me in real life please let me know you’re reading my stuff, it makes me happy; and if you don’t know me, but are ever in the same part of town as me, I’d like to get to know you!

PS – The title is part of a phrase from Cars; who’s excited about #3 coming soon?!

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