The Right Now

Right now things are good, or at least good things are happening, mostly.  I try not to be negative, but I do try to be honest.  Two weeks ago someone asked how I was and I said “Fine.”, then I had to correct myself, “Actually, I’m not fine right now.” and that was the end of the conversation. I am one of those annoying people who will tell you the truth if you ask how I’m doing, but I do not expect you to care.  I don’t need any follow-up questions, you don’t have to ask what’s going on; if you do ask any questions I’ll answer them, so be careful what you ask.  The thing is, I am not going to just vent to someone unless they’re okay with it, a person has to ask me for info like that.

Anyways, like I said, some good things are happening.  Our apartment is great, though we’re still unpacking (yeah, it’s been two months, but having a job, your own business on the side, and two kids doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for “getting settled”).  I skateboard to work, it’s about 0.8 miles (1.3 km). I enjoy it, I just try not to smell too bad at the office; so far no one has complained to me, but would they?  I’d hope they would, I think I’m approachable.

Work is going pretty well, a little boring, I’m mostly working on data conversions, so it’s a lot of detailed, repetitious stuff.  Jovi is starting school, learning to really read.  She loves science too, so we’re really encouraging the STEM activities; but she loves art and music too, so she does plenty of creative stuff too.  She is getting so brave in the pool now also.  Jaspyn is total drama.  I love here cute, sassy self, but she can be a bit much to handle sometimes; she’s great though, funny, beautiful, and (when she wants to be) she is the sweetest, cuddliest kid on the planet.

Karah has done a lot of photography this year, as well as tons of craft projects.  I am always impressed by her creativity, artistic talent, and skills with sewing and such.  We’re not a perfect couple.  We met in second grade, and I consider her my best friend, have for the last twelve years.  We did celebrate our nine-year wedding anniversary earlier this month, we went to a trampoline park and dinner.

So that’s a little update on how things are at the moment.

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