The Current Contents of my Fridge

This may seem like a lame post, but it will give you a bit of insight into how I live, and where my priorities are(n’t).

These are the contents of our fridge right now:
1.  Five cans of YooHoo
2.  Eight bottles of water
3.  A gallon of Arizona Southern Sweet Tea
4.  A half-gallon of apple juice
5.  A bottle of Light Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing
6.  A bottle of Pepto-Bismal-like medicine
7.  A small tub of Cool Whip
8.  Small box of cream cheese
9.  Log of Pillsbury cookie dough
10.  Four cans of roll/biscuit dough

So, as you can see, grocery shopping has not been a big thing for me lately.  FYI, most of the items listed above are for Karah.  But just so you know, I am switching to a high nut, fruit, cheese, and meat eating routine; its not a diet, I’m going to still eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like.  I just want to have more nuts and fruit around for snacking, and stop wasting time on large amounts of bread when I can get right to the good stuff (meat and cheese).

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