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The text below is taken from two documents from Google about Google TV, both encouraging people to become publishers (content creators, app developers, and web designers).  Click the image to download the PDFs, images of the documents are above each set of text. I used some basic formatting for continuity and readability, but not much.

Let’s make TV time better together.


It’s prime time.


And that number is only growing.  Connected TVs will grow by 36% a year over the next five years.  Take advantage of this trend and optimize your content for Google TV, which provides a scalable platform to bring your apps to the biggest screen in the house.  Viewers can both watch and interact with your content, ultimately increasing viewership for your programs.  By bringing Android to the big screen, Google TV is becoming the common development platform across multiple manufacturers around the world.


Engage viewers on a deeper level

Work smarter, not harder.

Join your peers in innovation.

60% of internet-connected TV households use a TV app at least once a week. Why develop your own? Because apps are fun, interactive and relatively new to TV for audiences – and provide more opportunities for you to boost brand engagement. Thousands of apps are available on Google TV, partially because developing them is so easy. Rather than build an app for every device, you can simply extend existing mobile phone or tablet applications to the TV and reach viewers across multiple screens. With over 100,000 titles available to audiences, many of your colleagues have already made their content accessible through Google TV. And activation rates more than doubled in the last year. Get on board and become known as one of the key players in the connected TV evolution.
Source: In-Stat, “Q2’11 US Digital Entertainment Database,” July 26, 2011

“Developing for Google TV was a core strategic investment, which allows Pandora to leverage all the effort that goes into building our Android application and be able to have complete control over the user experience on TV, with an easy way to distribute updates to the application.”
– Tom Conrad, Pandora CTO

For more app information, visit google.com/tv/publisher/


Interested in Moving Forward?

An Android App is the most integrated way for audiences to engage with your content on Google TV. But it’s not he only way. Discover paths you can take to make your content more interactive for all viewers – all within the Google TV platform.

Three ways to get involved.

Android App. Build an app that spans over mobile phones, tablets, and TVs, and enables second screen interaction. Distribute and monetize your products on the big screen to a growing user base through Google Play. Web App. Google TV includes the Chrome browser, which means you can optimize your website and online videos for the 10-foot viewing experience and enjoy greater viewer engagement. YouTube Channel. Allow viewers to search, find, and watch your YouTube content on TV, so that you can monetize through existing business models like advertising revenue, app revenue, and video on demand revenue.

How do they compare?

*For this table “F” means “full”, “P” means “partial”, and “N” means “none”.

Android App Web App YouTube Channel
System Integration Discoverability of app F P F
Discoverability of content F F F
Home screen icons F P N
System notifications F N N
Monetization Ease of app purchase integration F P N
Ease of subscription billing integration F P N
Ease of in-app payment integration F P N
Ease of advertising integration P P F
Experience High performance speed F P F
control of user interface F F P
Distribution Wide distribution on devices P F F
Easy update process P F F

Which is best for you?

Google TV is designed to make it simple to get your content onto TV. Start by evaluating your existing assets. If you already have an Android app, extending to Google TV is easy. If you don’t have an Android App, then start by optimizing your website. If you already have a YouTube channel, then you’re already on Google TV!

Ready to get started?

Visit developers.google.com/tv


And now a word from our partners.

Google TV is making big strides, in large part, thanks to our great partners.  Here is how just a few of them have used Google TV to engage their audience and reach new viewers.

Music – Qello

Google TV was a great fit for Qello because it originally launched as an Android App.  Now on a bigger screen, music lovers get the ultimate Qello experience   They can choose from the largest catalog of HD concerts and music documentaries, and stream them right into their living rooms – taking home entertainment to new heights.

On a recent app update, Qello added Setlists, a feature that allows users to create their own dream show and view it from any device with cross-platform syncing.

“We’re seeing that with the ease of in-app purchasing, more users who check out the free content on Qello are opting to unlock the experience and watch unlimited full-length concerts and documentaries.”
– Matt Carona, Quello VP Product and Business Development


Music – iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital service that lets users find more than 1,000 Live Stations or create commercial-free Custom Stations featuring the artists they select and similar music.

For its Google TV app, iHeartRadio leveraged the larger screen format of  TV to truly make audio more visual.  Hi-res artist imagery, mood lighting effects, and more result in a deeper emotional connection to the product and to the music itself.  iHeartRadio’s web app is so rich and engaging, it feels like an Android app.

 “Our home page is a great example of how we take advantage of the television medium and integrate engaging visuals with easy access to our content.”
– Harper Lieblich, iHeartRadio Interaction Designer


Video – Revision3

Revision3 is an independent Internet television network that creates and distributes video content on a variety of topics, such as tech news, gaming, and entertainment – making them a perfect partner for Google TV.

After its launch, not only did the app on Google TV increase the amount of people they reached, but Revision3’s research showed that three times as many Google TV viewers watch content for 30 minutes or more compared to online viewers.

Revision3 is excited about these results.  And for the next iteration of the app, they plan to allow viewers to log into their Revision3 account and enable features such as session shifting and favoriting playlists.


Video – Dramafever

Dramafever launched in august 2009 to make popular Asian TV shows and movies available on demand around the world.  The high quality of Dramafever’s streaming videos made it a natural choice to bring this service to TV.

After seeing high traffic and engagement through the Google TV Chrome browser, the Dramafever team decided to take the next step by creating an Android app to provide a richer, more integrated experience for the Google TV audience.  Dramafever also improved the on demand video experience through localization, notifications, and the ability to update automatically.


Second Screen – Peel

Peel for Google TV delivers a personalized TV experiance, and allows passionate TV lovers everywhere to discover, watch, and share content across multiple sources like Netflix, TV, DVR, and online content.

Peel utilized the Google TV Android platform’s rich set of APIs and mature developer community to innovate and release new features faster than previously possible.

Peel plans to work with new content partners and more mobile devices for richer engagement experainces under Gogole TV’s cohesive platform.

See what your company can do with Google TV. Visit google.com/tv/publisher

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