Root Beer

img-hires-group-shot_120840353940I found a school assignment of mine from 2005, this would have been either my junior or senior year of highschool.  For my English class we had to write a journal entry as someone from the past on a current (for them) event.  So I picked the introduction of non-alcoholic root beer in 1876.  Both my wife and I are big root beer fans and don’t drink alcohol – at least I’m consistent, right?  Here is my final draft, for which I received an “A”!

For those who don’t know who Charles Hires is (that’d be most people) here’s the Wikipedia article.  He did some cool stuff, like make root beer.

Today at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition Charles Hires unveiled his completely non-alcoholic version of root-beer. Being a Quaker pharmacist he is opposed to intoxicating beverages. He says that he "discovered" the concoction on his honeymoon.  He has now perfected it, and using a combination of over 25 American herbs, barks, and roots, as well as some European spices, he has created a delectable drink that is both tasty and fizzy!

You can still read the teacher’s notes on all my drafts!

First Draft:

Second Draft:

Final Draft:

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