Of Procs and Percentages

In Marvel War of Heroes many cards have an Ability. Each Ability is paired with a Usage stat, the Usage defines the likeliness of an ability activating in battle. In gaming circles the Usage is commonly referred to as the “Proc Rate”.

Based on my personal experiences, talking with other players, and performing online research here is what I have deduced:
1. There is a specific percentage of likeliness for each proc rate.
2. Ability level augments the proc rate slightly.
3. Card rarity augments the proc rate further.
4. Card position within your deck augments proc rate as well.

Base Percentages
I think that a small table is the best way to represent the base proc rate percentages:

[table id=6 /]
*No “Very High” cards currently exist, but this is still relevant to my Card Position theory.proc main image

Ability Level
Ability Level increases the effect of an ability, so if an ability at level 1 boosts your attack 20% at level 2 it boosts your attack 21%. But there is consensus among experienced players that it also increases proc rate by 1% per level, starting at level 2.

There is no argument among players that Legendary+ (L+) cards with an “Average” proc rate “go off” more than Ultimate Rare+ (UR+) cards of the same proc rate. This logic can be extended down to R+, SR+, and SSR+ cards as well as extended up to UL+ cards. The percentages in the Ability Usage table above are for UR+ cards. Augment the proc rate using this table:

[table id=7 /]

Card Position
In my experience, placing a card in the “center slot” of your deck raises its base amount to the next proc rate, so an “Average” card starts at 67%. Slots 2-5 are the same and have no effect.
proc deck image

Personally, I recommend two Rel High (or better) cards in a deck plus one more per Rel Low (or worse) card present (I know the picture above this statement doesn’t have that, but it does have high skilled cards, a decent combo, and good base stats for a UR+ deck). This gives you a very good chance of having three abilities activate (the maximum number of abilities possible in a single battle without a Center Trait card). Cards appear to proc in order of highest proc rate (post augmentation) to lowest proc rate. At no time can the proc rate surpass 99%, so NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.

Okay, lets do some examples:

[table id=3 /]
Likelihood of three procs: 79.61%

[table id=4 /]
Likelihood of three procs: 77.5%

[table id=5 /]
Likelihood of three procs: 75.97%

Now, this is all just my math on things, none of it is endorsed by Mobage, and may not be 100% accurate – but based on experience, it will get you pretty close.

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