Now Introducing… Sergeant Dude!

Today is Veterans Day.  I have been very blessed to have many veterans in my life, friends and family members; including my Grandma Jean, Grandpa Mel, Opa (Don Breland), and brother – Weston Souza.  I am very proud of my brother, and to be his brother.  While Weston was serving in Iraq in he kept an “online journal” of sorts by way of a Blogger page.  I recently found printouts of his posts from October 2004 through the end of that year.  With his permission I will be posting them here on my blog!  All posts will be able to be found under http://thetalkinggeek.com/category/sergeant-dude/, starting with the first one, his “About” page from that time – so keep in mind that all these posts are over ten years old now.

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