My Favorite WordPress Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is all the plugins that are available. All the plugins I describe below are free (or has a free

version) and ones I use on this site.

Google Analytics for WordPress
Google Analytics is a great way to see who is visiting your site, what pages are the most popular, etc. Google Analytics for WordPress makes integrating Google Analytics into your WordPres site very easy; all you need it your UA code.

There are a lot of plugins for sharing your posts on social sites. AddThis is another popular one (I used to use it). The ShareThis plugin is easy to customize. The main reason for my switch from AddThis to ShareThis was the Google+ button.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big deal, if you read anything online relating to online marketing or blogs then you know the term. If you don’t know the term then in a nutshell: SEO is the stuff you do to your webpage to “make it show up higher on Google”. InboundWriter is great if you’re lazy like me. InboundWriter give you a rating (from 0 to 100) of how search engine friendly your page/post is, based on focus terms (words and/or phrases that reoccur or take prominence in the post). The free version of InboundWriter adds a badge to each post/page on which it is used

Navayan Subscribe
It is good to have a way for people to subscribe to your WordPress blog posts. Feedburner is a very popular way for people to get updates on your posts, but I wanted something super-simple and that didn’t require another user account or web address. Navayan Subscribe uses the built-in user account management of WordPress. Until recently I used a different follow plugin that I really liked the look of, but it had too many bugs, so I replaced it.

Easy AdSense Lite
Adsense is the easiest way to monetize your site. There are lots of plugins for this, but Easy AdSense really is easy and flexible (the two most important features of any software, in my opinion). With Easy AdSense you can easily add ad blocks or text-links to any part of your site.

What are your favorite WordPress plugins?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite WordPress Plugins

  • I like these plugins too with only wish I have for the share this plugin, I wish it would let me know who takes what action with the choices to share the post, so I could thank them and track that info.

    • that would be cool, but would require them to login in some manner.


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