Movie Review: Sintel

Sintel logoSintel, also known as the Durian Movie Project from the Blender Foundation (from 2010) is a fantastic example of the kind of animation and storytelling the open source community is capable of.  As with all my reviews I will try very hard not to spoil anything, with the one caveat, GET READY FOR THE FEELS – this film has a less than fifteen minute run time, and by the end of it you will be questioning why so many two hour movies put in theaters these days can’t make you feel like this one did!


Sintel on the streetOkay, first, the official synopsis:
“Sintel follows the story of a girl named Sintel searching for a baby dragon.” – Google Play Movies

Now, my thoughts:
This film is amazing.  It starts a little slow, but it has good animation to keep you interested.  The film is broken into three parts, the intro is the current time, the middle is a flashback, and then you conclude in the present.

SIntel on the snowy cliffIt begins with Sintel traveling along a snow covered cliff top where she is attacked.  She survives as is brought to a hut to rest and heal where she tells the story of why she is there.  Turns out she was an orphan, who adopted a baby dragon (“Scales”), they lived together enjoying life until one day the baby dragon was taken by an older dragon.  She has set out on a long quest covering much ground to rescue her friend.  After her story she sets out again, finally finding her friend, realizing how much she had to sacrifice to find him, and how much has changed.

The DragonThe flashback is relatively short, but provides a fun run through a “timeless” town that mixes pre-colonial Central America, Southeast Asia, and Northern European cultures and does a great job of conveying Sintel’s arduous journey.  But, if you are prone to acting on your emotions get some tissues ready, because after the action comes a reason for tears.

And finally, the film itself, enjoy (do yourself a favor and get invested in it):

Sintel © copyright Blender Foundation | www.sintel.org

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