Kyle Gets Con-Ed: NAPE 2019

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions sent me to NAPE!

NAPE 2019

NAPE is the largest upstream oil and gas expo.

NAPE 2019 – Landdox

Landdox is a land administration system that is highly customizable. I like their new GIS mapping API connection.

NAPE 2019 – Contender Energy Partners

Contender Energy buys minerals and has a golf drive competition at their booth.

NAPE 2019 – Purple Land Management

Purple Land Management is a land leasing company that will go and get leases on behalf of an oil gas company, it’s made up mostly of landmen, and their flagship overdrive program powered by esri is one of their big gets along with their flashy marketing.

NAPE 2019 – Petroleum Museum, Midland Texas

The Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas has both hands on and hands off exhibits to encourage stem activities with children and all and inspire adults!

NAPE 2019 – Dragon Products

Cool bags at Dragon Products!

NAPE 2019 – Australia

Unlike the United States a lot of countries have nationalized petroleum industries and Australia is one of those.

NAPE 2019 – Roth Capital Partners

Not every company at NAPE is an oil company or service provider, some are capital companies, that’re happy to give you money if you can provide a good return on investment.

NAPE 2019 – Pegasus Resources

Putting at Pegasus!

NAPE 2019 – KSA Engineers

KSA, which is “Ask backwards”, has a great marketing gimmick for this conference, since this event is being held on Valentine’s Day they’re actually giving away legit Valentine’s cards!

NAPE 2019 – Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Bank is at nape, and they brought their stagecoach!

NAPE 2019 – Kastner Land

I may not know much about this company, but I appreciate them!

NAPE 2019 – Lunch

Salad, potatoes, green beans, fried chicken, and word search, maze, & tic-tac-toe!

NAPE 2019 – Totaland

Totaland (Total Land) is a provider of a web-based land management software. What’s really cool about their booth is that they have a nice, bright, LED backlit booth and a TV that they are using as a computer monitor that is hooked up to a little mini computer like you see in the photo.

NAPE 2019 – Weaver

I won money from some tax advisors for shooting balls.

NAPE 2019 – Safety Skills

Free socks! Online safety training.

NAPE 2019 – Auburn

Auburn energy Management has a really cool car at their booth.

NAPE 2019 – Drilling Info

About 10 years ago prices for nape were really expensive. I remember Chesapeake constructing the first two story booth within the George R Brown. The next year they started charging extra for that ability, and drillinginfo is the first two story booth I’ve seen this year.

NAPE 2019 – Gabon Offshore

Espresso bar, 12th licensing round.

NAPE 2019 – CUDD Energy Services

Jeep Wrangler giveaway, must be present to win.

NAPE 2019 – Greystone Castle Sporting Club

A hunting lodge was here too!

Nape 2019 – Perry & Shields

Perry and shields are giving away Motrin and Tylenol at their booth and doing a drawing for an AM15-BR.

Nape 2019 – ArdentMC

Drones, managing complexity.

Nape 2019 – Sinclair Dino!

This dinosaur is one of my favorite things at NAPE, and a little blow up dinosaur is a great little gift for the kids when I get home.

NAPE 2019 – Seitel

Seismic, painted.

NAPE 2019 – Luxe

Luxe energy & luxe minerals, sister companies, have a nice seating area for attendees.

NAPE 2019 – BOK Financial

BOK is doing professional headshots for attendees.

NAPE 2019 – Southwestern Energy


NAPE 2019 – XTO Energy

XTO used to do a log cabin, now they’re all modern.

NAPE 2019 – Zavanna Oil & Gas

At its core, this is what nape is about, making deals, buying and selling acreage for oil and gas production.

Nape 2019 – Drink Carts

Free booze!

NAPE 2019 – Secretary Of Indian Affairs

The BIA/DOI is here leasing Native American lands.

NAPE 2019 – Rox Exploration

Mark, Adam, Kevin, and Russell Oxsen run an oil company. Are they related?

NAPE 2019 – Oilfield Christian Fellowship

The Oil Patch Bible

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