How I Use Google TV

Kyle Souza here making a quick video about how I use Google TV. I have a Sony NSZ-GT1, it is a set-top box/Blu-ray disk player. So we watch movies DVDs and Blu-ray disks on it. It also has USB ports and HDMI In/HDMI Out. HDMI Out so that you can connect to TV, HDMI In so that you can hook-up cable or satellite service if you have that; which we don’t use. But you do get some great features with Google TV if you do use that option. With the USB ports you can hook-up peripheral devices, such as external hard drives that have music, movies, and pictures stored on them.
Now, I have customized the home screen here. I’ve got a picture of my four month-old daughter Jovi in the background. I have a Twitter widget showing the latest tweets from the people that I follow. And then I also have a Pandora widget; makes it easy to listen to music while I’m doing stuff around the house, and can control it from my phone when I’m in a different room when I need to skip a song or pause it for whatever reason, or turn the volume up or down.
I’ve also customized the bottom of the home screen for the apps that I use the most. We have Plex, which does cost money, but is pretty cheap and allows us to watch some content that is normally blocked to Google TV users, such as CBS, ABC, or Hulu. Netflix, we all know what Netflix is. And then Chrome. Chomre is probably the second most used app on our TV. Aside from the web browsing capabilities, searching, and things like that, we also use it to go to network’s sites that don’t block Google TV, so that we can watch shows there; like Spike or A & E. Redux TV is probably my favorite app, just because it has lots of great video content that is sourced from several different places, categorized for you into several different channels. My two favorite channels are “Reanimation” and “Caught on Tape”. Promoter TV has several different types of video, but I use for just whatever the latest music videos are. I like music, just like with Pandora, but if I’m in the room I might want to be watching music videos while I listen. Fox Business. There’s a couple different good news apps on Google TV. My two favorite are WSJ Live and Fox Business; but I’ve got Fox Business up here. I can see news highlights from today and couple days back across different catagories. And then also a link to my blog, The Talking Geek, where I do a couple posts about Google TV each week, as well as several other topics.
So, check it out.

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