Goodbye My Friend

Last night while I was giving Jovi and Jaspyn a bath my mom gave me a call to say he had passed away.  We had talked about it a couple times over the last two weeks, he wasn’t doing well, tired more often, not eating well… but it still punches you in the gut pretty hard.  We met in California seventeen years ago.  That’s more than half my life at this point, I’ve known him longer than I’ve known my youngest sister even.  He ended up coming with us to Seattle and living with my mom for fourteen years.  And I am just so glad he did, so glad my mom let him.

ArrowThis probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who reads this blog or who actually knows me, I’ve never had tons of friends, especially as a child.  Having someone that was there every time I went back to Washington was great (aside from my Mom and Ann), the few people my own age I met there weren’t really good influences and I am not in touch with any of them now.  There are plenty of good memories, so I’ll focus on those.

We usually shared a room, would go on walks together, when older I’d be skateboarding and he just loved to run, and in the winter he LOVED snowball fights.  It was pretty hard on him when Siggy died, not as hard as on Ann of course, but he made it obvious that he missed him more than he could say.

It is hard losing someone you care about, no matter how old or how young they are or you are, no matter what species they are.  I am so happy to have been blessed with Arrow in my life.  He was a good dog, he didn’t always obey, but was good at all the dog things, even if he wasn’t always the brightest.
Arrow in The Snow

I’m going to go give Berkeley an extra big hug.  He’ll probably be very confused and happy.


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