Django / Zorro

Screenshot_20160628-143756Django/Zorro is a short comic series (seven issues),  which has been collected in a TPB and available digitally as well.  This story is the official sequel to Django Unchained (which I haven’t seen…).  It’s a great story!  I am a Dynamite fan, and this book is published by them in partnership with Vertigo.  I have been a fan of Zorro since watching reruns of the old Zorro TV show from the late 1950s (though 1961) as a child, and I liked the Martin Campbell / Antonio Banderas / Catherine Zeta-Jones films.

Screenshot_20160628-143815This story is set far in the future for Zorro though, Don Diego de la Vega is an elderly gentleman who has retired from vigilante work forced by his morals to don the cap and mask one last time.  While traveling from California to Arizona Don Diego runs across Django who claims to be a miner, but is actually a bounty hunter on the trail of some criminals.  He is hired by de la Vega to accompany and assist him as his bodyguard while he conducts some business with the Archduke of Arizona, Gurko Zagreda Langdon.

Screenshot_20160628-143919I will note here that this is not a book for kids, the topics of racism, familial jealousy, depression fueled by alcoholism, and bribery/blackmail (in addition to the expected violence and language found in many Dynamite and Vertigo books) are not only addressed, but are brought to the forefront of this story of justice, injustice, and revenge.

Screenshot_20160628-144101The Archduke has acquired his title, wealth, and lands through deception and murder.  Gurko Langdon now rules his land through violence towards the Native Americans working for him and general abuse those in his domain.  While Don Diego is there to discuss investing in the railroad Langdon is building, Zorro is there to make sure he is deposed and those whom he oppresses are freed.  Django learns that this older gentleman is more than he seems and he himself can be more than he has been.

Screenshot_20160628-144129I would recommend this story to anyone who can appreciate a good social justice story set in the Wild West where the only tools a man has to change the course of history for the better is his sword, his whip, and his reputation.  Below is a gallery of some of my favorite art form the series (mostly covers).  All images are property of their respective copyright holders and intellectual property owners.  My compliments to Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner, Esteve Polls, Brennan Wagner, Simon Bowland and all others involved for creating this story that I feel so well encapsulated who Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro is.  To purchase your own copy of the book check out this link or one of the ones below.

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