Big Buck Bunny Movie Review

Big Buck Bunny is a fun 10 minute short released in 2008 as the Peach Project from the Blender Foundation.  The point of this film is to showcase the capabilities of the Blender software.  It did that quite well, but more on that in a minute.

bird from big buck bunny
This bird looks so familiar…

First, I enjoyed this short.  I first saw it during a CES promo for Ubuntu TV.  Before I “got into” Google TV I was very interested in Ubuntu TV.  I like the Ubuntu platform, and the promo looked really good.  Back to the film, the story focuses on Big Buck Bunny, a rabbit the size of a bear!  He likes butterflies and flowers.  Unfortunately he gets bullied.  Is he able to overcome the bullying?  Watch the film below to find out!  (I try to do these things “spoiler-free”.)

The targets for the Peach Project that resulted in Big Buck Bunny were:

“This Open movie project had as main targets:

  • Developing tools in Blender for editing and rendering hair, fur or grass
  • Improve character animation tools for cartoonish motion and deformation
  • Test Blender with giant outdoor environments, with large grassy fields and many trees with leaves
  • Further validate Blender as a professional animation creation suite

And secondary:

  • Create a great and good looking animation short, licensed freely as open content
  • Provide content for other artists to learn from or to re-use, including documentation and tutorials

And of course: Have lots of fun!”

its-a-trapTake a moment to watch a piece (or even the whole) film with these targets in mind and I think you’ll agree that it is a high-quality production comparable to Monsters, Inc when it comes to fur and similar aspects.

My favorite part of this short is the montage.  it completely destroys the timeline aspect of the story telling if you think about it, but who doesn’t like montages?!

For my daughter’s take on the film here’s her “movie review”:

Give credit where credit is due:
(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org
Blender Foundation | www.blender.org

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