My Affiliate Marketing Endevour

One of the new additions to this blog in 2017 is the Affiliate Storefront.  You will see some of the companies/products/services showcased there featured in my newsletters as well.  At a basic level, these are entities from which I receive a commission for referring business to them.

BUT, these are companies I approached, ones I like, have used, or want to promote for specific reasons.  So, if you see something you like I encourage you to visit their site and feel free to ask me any questions you like, but the point of this blog is the content, not the ads or the referrals, so this will be the only post I write like this.  And be sure, you will not see my represent any online gambling, money lending, or dating service.

I started with this endeavor because I wanted to place a little link on my site to refer people to GoDaddy so I could maybe save a little on hosting once in a while…. but they use the CJ Affiliate network.  I’ve stayed away from affiliate marketing in the past, I’ve been interested but didn’t care to invest the time into it.  I also didn’t want to feel like a sellout.  Being able to pick specific merchants to affiliate with has helped with that feeling, and being able to keep this whole thing low-pressure has made me comfortable with pursuing it.  Since I had to join the network to refer people to GoDaddy I figured I’d see what it was all about and see if there were other companies I’d be interested in repping.  CJ made finding partners and adding links very easy.  Not every company I asked about promoting wanted me to promote them, that’s fine, and a bit humbling.

Okay, enough of that, I’m not going to be bringing it up again, but since it got a link on the main menu of the site I felt it worth introducing properly.

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