A Theory on Time Travel

First, let me say, I do not know if time travel is possible, and if it is, if it something that man can control or if it only can occur on supernatural terms. But I do think that it is something that could be possible.

Let’s address what I call:
Actual Time
Perceived Time
Personal Time

Actual Time
Time is linear. What I mean by this is that there is a definite time-line containing history that cannot be changed. I accept that time is linear and cannot be changed for two reasons:

1. This could potentially change history without anyone except the time-traveler’s knowledge. And I believe that there is a specific path of each unique individual to follow, changing history would destroy that path (so why not drop that assumption? I believe in a sovereign God who created this world and all those in it).

2. This does not rule-out time travel to the past.

Basically, “What has happened in the order of time, from the beginning of time to the end of time without interruption, disturbance, or anomaly.”

Perceived Time
This is where things like “time flies when you are having fun” come into play. An hour is sixty minutes, a minute is sixty seconds, and this is something that we have all agreed upon. But time can be perceived differently at different times, by different people. Sometimes I take a fifteen minute nap and feel refreshed, sometimes I do something for hours at it seems like a very short amount of time has passed. Perceived time has no bearing on time travel.

Basically, “How a person feels time has passed.”

Personal Time
This differs from perceived time in that this is what actually happens to a person (or an object), in the order that it happens to them (it). This is why time travel is possible.

Basically, “The order in which a single object has experienced time.”

Okay, so let’s talk for a minute. If everything that has happened has already happened and cannot be changed how could anyone travel back in time? Simple (new definition of “simple” is needed), they have already been back in time. WHAT? How could someone who hasn’t been born yet have already appeared in past time*? Personal Time. They haven’t experienced it yet in their personal time-line, though they have experienced it in Actual Time. See, while Actual Time is linear, and Personal Time is linear, they are not the same line. I have racked my brain to come-up with a graphic to represent this, and can’t think of anything good.

What about paradoxes? A “paradox” is something like there being two of the same person in the same time, or a persona dying before they were born, or someone bringing something from future time to past time or current time (creating a circle where the future that is, is only possible because of the trip already there).

That last one is the easiest to address, because of the two time-lines (Actual and Personal) it is possible to “shape” the future by “forcing” its interaction with the past of present. I of course have no proof of this since I have not done it.

So, what about a person traveling to a time when they are still on the planet, creating a time with two of the same person (mind, body, and soul)? I don’t see how this is a problem. I see that if something were to happen to one of the bodies then it could affect the other, such as if the future time person kills the past time person. But, that is why I started with the explanation of Actual Time, so what has happened has happened, and for the future time person to exist in the first place then they could not have killed the past time person. This does not prevent the future time person from killing other people, but this would have already taken place in Actual Time and been a part of the history preceding the future time.

What about someone dying before they are born? It could happen, because a person’s death happens at the end of their Personal time-line, regardless of the Actual Time line.

I know, this theory of mine is a bit crazy, and worst of all, destroys the plot of the A Sound of Thunder (book by Ray Bradbury), Back to the Future (movie series), and Primeval (TV series). I still enjoy all three of these, and many other media dealing with the subject, which view this subject different than I.

Now for some personal reflection. I, unfortunately, have to accept that I cannot change any of my past mistakes; just putting more emphasis on making the right decisions every chance I get. Earlier I said that I didn’t know if man could control time enough to travel it, but that it could be something of supernatural origin; John, in The Book of Revelation, never says that he is having a vision, but instead that he sees specific things, probably not time travel, but that is what I am getting at by “supernatural,” just not something man induces. The more I think about wanting to change the past the less I like my theory, but it’s the only one that makes sense to me, and I do like it, I just don’t like the implications of it. I sure don’t know if anyone ever has or will travel though time outside of the line of Actual Time, but it’s fun to think about.

I wish I knew some scientists to ask about the issue. Hopefully someone smarter than I and more knowledgeable on the subjects of time, relativity, and quantum mechanics reads this and can enlighten me.

*Definitions of phrases only I use:
Past Time: Time that has already happened.
Current Time: Time that is happening right now. Wait… now! No, NOW!
Future Time: Time that hasn’t happened yet.

One thought on “A Theory on Time Travel

  • I feel that the approach to time travel will have to be approach pragmaticly. I have some general ideas that science can test. Sending or receiving time is not as simple as writing a letter and placing it in a envelop and tossing it in the air and having it matterialize at it’s destination.

    I feel time travel will begin simple, maybe sending data or an atom to the past or future. I feel that we need to first create time receptors, that can receive time. Maybe even create a tunneling device that connect to the future where we can send data or time back to the receptor. We would need to start with stuff that has time handlers. Stuff that can be manupulated easily or travels in this environment.

    I feel just being able to send time back as far as we can, or stoping time would be the first step. Maybe send an atom back a mil-second. I don’t know, but I do think we need to start with the small stuff first, before we are traveling trought time and space.

    I applogized for any spelling errors or grammar.

    These ideas belong to Dennis W. Smothers. You can use them to write a book, just don’t forget me when the money comes in.


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